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African Missionaries

  When I first read “ the ends of the earth” many years ago I never thought I would get there. But in 2010 four of us from FBCC ventured to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I think that’s the end of the earth now.
  As we were preparing for the trip the missionaries there were advising me on selecting team members. Jill Lowery wrote, “Another thing in choosing team members, keep in mind that your team will encounter quite a bit of discomfort while they're here (it's hot, there are bugs and spiders, no electricity, no fast food, a lot of walking, etc.) so of course you're going to want to choose people who can handle that environment.  They also need to be fairly flexible in dealing with schedule changes. We're not only on Africa's schedule; we're on Congo's schedule, which is even less organized. Some people just can't handle that. I know I'm not painting a very comfortable picture, but I want you to know ahead of time so you and your team can have the best experience possible. What makes this trip worth it is the fact that you have a ministry to do. No matter what project you wind up doing, you bring fellowship and encouragement to some pretty isolated brothers and sisters in Christ (and I'm not just talking about missionaries)”
  She was correct, but it was a thrill ride and Jesus was at the wheel. The missionaries live this life every day.  The ups and downs of the mission field must be an overwhelming challenge. So, when our missionaries come back to the USA we need to look for ways to encourage them so please be here August 21 to share your support of our friends Mike and Jill Lowery.


  What a great week of Vacation Bible School. We 68 children and over 50 adults and teen helpers! WOW!  I have to tell you, watching Stephanie organize the volumes of people was amazing.  Little things you might not know that she did included gathering us leaders together each night for prayer before the children arrived, she connected with all the new families on a personal level, and she even had wrote each of us leaders a personal thank you note.  So thoughtful.  Stephanie has a way of helping all leaders feel included and important.  She did a great job. Some of my highlights were watching our Youth Pastor lead the game times. Wow! He is creative and enthusiastic with the kids. A group of our High School students were crazy-fun leading songs, they brought high energy that helped kick off and close each night with a bang. Thank you to all you leaders who helped make it a great year.


  Great time at the park again this year! Thank you to the Fellowship team for a great job with the food and bbq chicken was perfect! Thank you to Pastor Nate and the worship team. I know we all don’t realize how much work it is to move all that equipment to the park but you made it GREAT!  See page 6 for photos.

Fall Study - Daniel

  As you plan out your summer keep in mind September 4th, Labor Day weekend we have an introduction message to the book of Daniel. This is an overview, giving the background and big picture view of the whole book. 
  Starting on September 11 we will begin a chapter by chapter study with some of the most fascinating stories in the Bible, including The Fiery Furnace, The Lion’s Den, and The Hand that Writes on the wall. What you might not realize is about half of the book deals with prophecy so if you are wondering if we are in the “end times” maybe Daniel will help us know what signs to be on the lookout.

Pastor Mark Wilks