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First Baptist Church of Chehalis

1866 S Market Blvd
Off I-5 Exit 76, Go East on 13th Street, Turn Right on Market
Chehalis, WA   98532
t. 3607488628

Pastor's Corner

New Beginnings

  You know the old adage, I have good news and I have bad news.
  If you have not heard, on September 1, Jeff Hawkins turned in his letter of resignation. The bad news is we will miss him, he served here for almost 13 years. We watched him grow in so many ways. He graduated with his bachelors from Liberty and started his master’s degree. We are
thankful for the many years of service he and his family have shared with us.
  Now we are looking forward to what God is doing next in our youth ministry.
  Here are a couple of steps we are working on:
  First, we are forming a Planning Team. This team will be made up of leaders, parents and students who want to plan the programs and events in the immediate future.
  Already we have many high school seniors stepping up and wanting to help lead. That is exciting!  We need our upper classmen building up
the youth ministry. Building the excitement and “buy in” of all the students.
  Next we are forming the Search Team. A committee that will work together to pray, read resumes and interview candidates. By the way, as of the writing of this article we have several resumes coming in from different states of youth pastors with some great experience. All this and we have yet to advertise in the largest youth ministry website covering youth pastors from all over.
  Currently we are collecting a survey about our youth ministry. The purpose of this survey is to receive feedback to help guide our current planning process, give us information to share with potential youth pastor candidates and help our search team narrow down our criteria for our future youth pastor.
  If you would like to see a survey, stop by the information table or click this link to take the survey online. Feel free to fill it out and drop it by the office. We will make the results of the survey available around the end of October.

Join Us For Camo Sunday October 11

  On Sunday October 11 we will pray for our hunters that the Lord will bless their families this season.  While some may not agree with hunting.
We do find hunting in the bible as a way to provide food for one’s family. We want to pray for the safety of our hunters as well as for the Lord’s
blessing that they may have meat for the winter.
  An interesting reference to hunting comes from Genesis 10:9 He was a mighty hunter before the LORD; that is why it is said, “Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before the LORD.” The name Nimrod comes from two Babylonian words nimr meaning leopard and rod meaning to subdue. As hard as this may be to believe it has been suggested that Nimrod had tamed a leopard to hunt with him as we would train a dog for hunting.  Just imagine how fast that leopard could retrieve a duck!

~Pastor Mark Wilks

Parenting in a World of Technology

Even the most “hip” “cool” and “groovey” of us parents can have a hard time keeping up with all the technology our children and teens seem to have at their fingertips.  So where do we go so as to not look so “old?”  I recently came across a new resource called from a group of trusted Christian leaders and parents.  Iparent uses short video and articles to give you the heads up on the apps your kids are using and suggestions on whether or not they should be.  Check out and engage in the conversation with your kids about technology.

  ~Pastor Jeff