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First Baptist Church of Chehalis

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Pastor's Corner

Summer Full of Fun

  We have an exciting summer planned here at FBCC. Lots of opportu-nities to play, learn, grow, and serve. Check out all of our upcoming events!
Church Picnic
  Join us July 17, for Sunday worship and fellowship at Lintott-Alexander Park on July 17! Worship starts at 10:30 A.M. But you need to show up early, because it takes time to park, get your food to the shelter and get your chair set up. If you have not joined us for wor-ship at the park this is a special relaxed time of wor-ship, teaching and fellowship.
  The message this year will be on spiritual warfare Ephesians 6:13-17, I also believe Mike and Jill Low-ery will be with us.
As far as the picnic goes here is what you need to know… bring a chair, any kind of camping or lawn chair will do. Bring some food, bring according to the size of your family if you have a small family bring a salad if you are a medium size family (four) bring a salad and a dessert, if you have a teenager bring a pickup load; the amount your teenagers eat in two hours. There is more information about the picnic on page 7.
Ocean Commotion
  Our Vacation Bible School (VBS) is July 11-15, 5:45-8:00. This high energy children’s event for children ages 3 years old to 5th grade. It is a great activity to invite your kids friends, or your grandkids, or your neighborhood kids to. At Ocean Commotion kids will learn about how Noah stood for God during the time of the Great Flood. There will be songs, crafts, games, treats and skits. It’s not too late to register grab a reg-istration from at church this Sunday.
Pastor’s Porch
  I’d like to invite you to a time of discussion at our next Pastor’s porch on Sunday, July 24. So maybe you are wondering, “What is a Pastor’s porch?” Picture the south, a home with a screened in front porch, a group of friends sitting around a pitcher of ice tea, snacking on some cookies in the late afternoon just shooting the breeze. Well that’s it.
  We will be hanging out, talking about items that were brought up at our June business meeting. Many ques-tions were brought up about TLC ministries. How they would help us raise funds to pay off our debt and fund future projects.
  Future projects maybe another topic we could bring up. What needs to be remolded in the church? What are the needs of our congregation? Besides the bath-rooms? You may say, “I heard someone say we need to do some work in the worship center. What needs to be done in the worship center and what are the plans? These are great questions maybe we can talk about them all. If you need child care for this event please call and schedule with the church office.

-Pastor Mark Wilks