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Pastor's Corner

Take Up the Scripture Challenge

  Our Awana club finished up last month with a bang. Daniel Hawkins was our tenth student to be awarded the Timothy Award. You might think that’s not many when you consider how many youth and children we have here at FBC Chehalis. Well if you consider how many verses he has memorized to receive this award you will understand why so few students are disciplined enough to complete.
Here is the breakdown of the verses.

Class Verses Memorized
T&T Start Zone 9
T&T Ultimate Adventure Book One (3rd grade) 80
T&T Ultimate Adventure Book Two (4th grade) 101
T&T Ultimate Challenge Book One (5th grade) 109
T&T Ultimate Challenge Book Two (6th grade) 133
Total for Timothy Award 432

  The vision Awana teaches the adult leaders is that “The Scripture you teach in Awana changes lives. God's Word promises us that! As kids and teenagers learn and recite verses, they store in their hearts living truths that will help them follow God throughout their lives.” We may do many fun things at Awana, we may play games, makes crafts, and have snacks, but the foundation of Awana continues to be training up believers who know the word of God.
  The reality is only a minority of our clubbers will ever complete the Timothy Award. Yet, if a child is only to memorize half of these verses, or even only one quarter of the total verses they will have memorized well over 100 verses! WOW, I venture to say that if you could recite 100 verses you would be quite impressed with yourself.
  But it’s so difficult, what does it matter if I know Jesus and I have been saved. Consider this, there is more to salvation than escaping hell! There is more to salvation than going to heaven! True and complete salvation is to be saved from sin! To be saved from the power of sin, the purpose of sin and to be delivered from the curse of sin.
  David said, “I have hid your word in my heart so that I may not sin against you.” The word of God reveals to us the character and nature of God. It is because of God’s love that he sent his one and only son, Jesus Christ to die for our sin and to restore us to a right relationship with the Father. Therefore, the thought of sin against God’s love becomes a great dread. Not because we fear punishment, because perfect love cases out fear. Rather because we fear offending our loving God. Having bible verses in our mind give us tools for the Holy Spirit to use in our spiritual battles.
  So the bottom line is we are overwhelmingly blessed when we encounter trials and the Holy Spirit is able to bring to mind bible verses we have placed on file in our mind. But it’s hard work getting those verses to stick there. How can you do it. Start in your small group, pick one verse a month to work on, maybe even two, just thing in 5 years you too could have over 100 verses memorized! You might not receive an Awana Timothy award, but you will be greatly blessed. 

Pastor Mark Wilks

Parenting in a World of Technology

Even the most “hip” “cool” and “groovey” of us parents can have a hard time keeping up with all the technology our children and teens seem to have at their fingertips.  So where do we go so as to not look so “old?”  I recently came across a new resource called from a group of trusted Christian leaders and parents.  Iparent uses short video and articles to give you the heads up on the apps your kids are using and suggestions on whether or not they should be.  Check out and engage in the conversation with your kids about technology.

  ~Pastor Jeff