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If you are looking for an idea for a Christmas devotional to share at your Christmas dinner or family gathering check out this link for inspiration.  We have a devotional series available “Carols: A Christmas Devotional” for download.

Pastor's Corner

Off to Jerusalem

  On Sunday, January 4, I fly to LAX and than on a 15 hour flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. I’ll arrive in Israel on January 5 in the afternoon giving me time to start getting acclimated to the ten hour time difference before my activities begin the next day. If you have not heard—I am taking a sabbatical for the month of January and part of February.
  I have had a dream of visiting the Holy Land for many years. And now it’s coming true! The class I will be attending starts on January 6. I will be studying the historical and geographical setting of Israel at the Jerusalem University College.
  I have emailed a number of pastors who have studied in Israel asking for advice before I go. You can imagine what they have shared with me. The number one response has been: Take lots of pictures so you can use them in your sermons.  They read my mind! As one 70 year old pastor shared as he looked around shaking his head, “I wish I would have seen this, I wish I would have known this before.” Other pastors have told me, “Going to Israel will change your preaching.”
  I cannot understand exactly what they mean by that but I am looking forward to discovering what they mean. The main reason I have wanted to go is to see the land I have spent the past years of my life studying so I will be a better pastor.
  You can follow my trip on my blog. I am planning to write a post everyday when possible. (If I can learn how to blog. You know I’m almost over the hill. So teaching me to blog is teaching an old dog a new trick. I have been assured it’s not that difficult.)
  I’m asking for you to pray for me as I travel.  Pray for my health and safety, for my family, and that God would speak to me and teach me every day. Pray God will continue to shape me into a better preacher. I promise to pray for you as well.

Pastor Mark

Parenting in a World of Technology

Even the most “hip” “cool” and “groovey” of us parents can have a hard time keeping up with all the technology our children and teens seem to have at their fingertips.  So where do we go so as to not look so “old?”  I recently came across a new resource called from a group of trusted Christian leaders and parents.  Iparent uses short video and articles to give you the heads up on the apps your kids are using and suggestions on whether or not they should be.  Check out and engage in the conversation with your kids about technology.

  ~Pastor Jeff