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Pastor's Corner

Thank You Skip & Grace

  On Sunday, October 19, we announced at the end of both services that Pastor Skip would be retiring from FBCC in November 2014. We are planning a celebration and thank you luncheon on November 9 at 12:30 p.m. Please join us as we honor him.
  Skip and Grace have been an integral part of our team. When I say team, I truly am thankful for the camaraderie we have experienced. Skip is such a great guy and one of my good friends! He is someone I can joke with, argue with, pray with and he always shoots straight with me. We have collaborated on projects, trainings, brainstorming sessions, services and many other things that have shaped this church. Skip has been with us through so many of our changes.
  Skip initiated Grief Share, Divorce Care and Alpha ministries along with Soup & Scripture; he has help shape our small group ministry as well as preaching many engaging and entertaining messages and caring for and counseling many people. There is no way to replace him! Skip has always helped us lift up our goal to honor God by developing completely committed Christ followers and Skip has always made ministry here about Jesus.
  We can’t talk about Skip without mentioning what some would call his better half Grace. Grace has been instrumental in our music ministry especially by starting and leading our handbell ministry. She is the one who borrowed bells from another church to get us started. Than she talked that church into selling us their bells to us at a great price. Since then, Grace has grown this ministry to include a handbell choir and ensemble, and trained up other leaders. For over ten years Grace conducted our choir, selecting wonderful music, incorporating solos and bells and other instruments. But my favorite “Grace moment” is one of our traditions on Christmas Eve, when she plays “Silent Night” on the bells as we light the candles. Wow, it will always be one of my favorite traditions. The gentle ringing of the bells as the fire is shared candle to candle to fill the room with light is a warm reminder of Jesus coming as the light of the world. Grace, you are always welcome to play on Christmas Eve!
  We all know we can never replace them and we hope Skip and Grace will stick around. We are blessed to have had them serving on our pastoral staff, we love them always. I know I speak for all of us when I say, “Grace and Skip, We will always consider you part of our FBCC family!”

Pastor Mark

Parenting in a World of Technology

Even the most “hip” “cool” and “groovey” of us parents can have a hard time keeping up with all the technology our children and teens seem to have at their fingertips.  So where do we go so as to not look so “old?”  I recently came across a new resource called iparent.tv from a group of trusted Christian leaders and parents.  Iparent uses short video and articles to give you the heads up on the apps your kids are using and suggestions on whether or not they should be.  Check out iparent.tv and engage in the conversation with your kids about technology.

  ~Pastor Jeff