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Pastor's Corner

Church Picnic July 13

  Join us for Sunday worship and fellowship at Lintott Alexander Park on July 13 at 10:30 A.M. Please arrive early with your own chairs/blankets, Bible and pen. We will have a time of singing and studying God’s word in a relaxed setting. The message will be on David and Goliath. This is similar to what I shared at W.F. West’s Baccalaureate but with an application that goes beyond a young person’s perspective. It will be a great message for you to invite your yet churched friends to hear
  As far as the picnic goes here is what you need to know…bring food, LOTS of food! This year we are asking you to please bring a side dish AND a dessert - the more the better! The church will provide plates, silverware, beverages, BBQ chicken (cooked on the oversized BBQ done to perfection!), baked beans and rolls. If you are concerned about bringing a salad that needs to be refrigerated, our food team has high tech ways to keep your food cold. It involves a child’s swimming pool, ice and a plastic sheet - and it works GREAT!

Under Construction

  In June, FBCC entered a contract with Kugel Construction to begin work on our parking lot on July 14. Yea! This has taken us so many years I can’t remember when we had our first discussion about this project. We know the slope of the lower parking lot is very difficult for our older family members, but it is also a struggle for young families. It is such a challenge to retrieve a baby out of their infant seat when your car door keeps hitting you on the, well, the back side. Or when your child is getting out of the car, the door swing back and pinches their fingers. It will be great to have a more family friendly parking lot! This project will also fix our water problem. All our water will be redirected to the under ground retention tubes, so no pond, swamp or mess on our property! For the safety of us all we ask you (and your children) to keep out of the mess and off the equipment.

VBS - July 7-11

  Calling all prospective Spy Agents: it’s time NOW to enlist for the International Spy Academy!
  Your mission is to carry the understanding of the one true God of the Bible for the rest of your life and share it with those around you. This will be a week filled with fun mysteries you will love, Bible-based apologetics you can trust, and truths you will never forget!
  False views of God bombard you every day. Agents will discover how to identify the true God of the Bible from counterfeit religions. Most counterfeit religions deny that Jesus is God. Agents will find that Jesus is truly God, a member of the Trinity. Agents will crack codes to learn more about the Great I AM, the All powerful, unchanging, perfect and all-knowing God, the one true God who loves and cares for us unendingly. Agents will discover that God wants us to love Him and to share His love with others.
  A word to parents: Please don’t be one of those parents who look at church VBS’s as free child care. Please don’t just drop off your children so you can have freetime. Plan to stay and help make this program great!

Pastor Mark