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Pastor's Corner

The Life of Moses

 If you have ever decided to read the bible from cover to cover most likely you have read about Moses. He is one of the most exciting characters in the bible. He is abandoned by his mother when his people were under the power of a anti-Semitic leader. He’s adopted into this leaders family and raised with all the finest things life could offer. Yet he finds ways to screw up and has to run for his life.
 We can easily relate to Moses. When he messes up he runs from his problems, he gets stuck in a dead end job with no possibility of advancement for 40 year. He has a “God-moment” but he can’t grasp God’s vision for his life so he argues, even fights with God over doing what God wants in his life.
 Reluctantly, he steps into ministry but people question his calling. God dose amazing things in his life but he still questions God at every decision point.
 I think in one way or another each of us can relate to Moses, because every choice to follow God’s leading in his life was a struggle and a step of faith for him. I look forward to seeing what we will learn from Moses this fall. Did you know! The way to maximize your spiritual growth is to join a small group, see what God is doing in others’ lives, learn more and go deeper in our study of Moses. Let us help you find a group that fits you!

Camo Sunday - Sept. 21

 Hunting season is coming soon, so Sunday September 21 will be Camo Sunday. Wear your camo clothing to church. While this is fun it is also a time of seeking the Lord’s blessing for His provision for our life.
 Many hunters in our church hunt in order to provide for their family. Deer, duck, and elk provide meat for the winter. We will stop on Camo Sunday to ask the Lord to provide, as Jesus taught in His teaching on prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread” reminds us God is in control of our lives. Lets pray, “God, I’m going to put you first and trust you to provide.” Give God the opportunity to bless you this season!

Awana Starts - Sept. 14th

 It’s time to kick off our Awana year! Join us Sunday, September 14 for our kick off night.
 We have a lot of fun at our Awana Clubs that include: songs, games, crafts, Bible lessons, handbook time, special theme nights, and opportunities to contribute to various missions in our own community and worldwide
 Awana meets on Sundays from 4:30 – 6:30 P.M.

Baptism Sunday - Sept. 14th

 Have you been baptized like Jesus? In the gospel of Matthew chapter 4 we read the story of Jesus’ baptism.  Jesus came to the river Jordan to be baptized by John the Baptist.
 Did you know Jesus was baptized when he was around 30 years old? Why is this important? Because we often see younger people being baptized and you may say I should have done that when I was younger. The reality is if you think you should have done it, that is the Lord telling you to stop waiting!
 Jesus being 30 years old also tells us He understood what he was doing, He made the choice for himself. If you were baptized as a infant but now are an adult and have come to faith it is time for you to be baptized as a believer. Like Jesus you make the choice for yourself.  Think of it this way, if God wanted Jesus parents to baptize him He would have sent an angel to tell them to do it. God wanted Jesus to model the act of submitting to God’s plan for His life. Is it time for you to follow Jesus’ example?

Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark Wilks accepts your ALS Ice Challenge!

Here is video proof that our very own Pastor Mark did the Ice Bucket Challenge in promotion of ALS! Thank you Rachelle for taking this video and allowing us to link to it!